Spread the Love with jam wedding favors

For our wedding favors, we decided to make our own jam. I saw this idea on Pinterest, and I thought it was inexpensive, personalized, and cute! Plus, it was a fun thing for the wedding that my hubby and I could work on together.

First things first: we needed some berries. We went to a local berry farm as we had this wonderfully romantic notion of hand-picking our own berries! Unfortunately, when we got to the farm, they informed us that we missed the local strawberry season by a few weeks. Nuts! So on to plan B: the regular old grocery store. Luckily, strawberries were still in season down in California and so we were able to buy a few big flats of strawberries for relatively cheap. We also decided to get a few raspberries to mix in for extra zing.

IMG_0446     IMG_0445

To make the jam, we followed a recipe I had found online. A million thanks to www.intimateweddings.com for posting this recipe, which you can find here.

IMG_0465     IMG_0466

Now came to pouring all that yummy jam into the sterilized mason jars. It was messy, so make sure you put down lots of newspaper first!

IMG_0456     IMG_0455

Finally, I found some cute pink plaid fabric at a local fabric store, and we picked up some hemp at the craft store. My husband cut the fabric into circles using jagged-edge scissors, while I tied it on to the lids with the hemp. I also added little labels with our names and wedding date, for a personalized touch. For these, I just made them myself on Word and printed them on to card stock. Easy and oh so cute!

IMG_0450    IMG_0476

Best of all, guests kept raving about this jam for months after our wedding. I would definitely recommend it as a favor for your own wedding or party!