Budget: October 2014 Recap

Wow! I am so happy to write about our successes in saving in October. We spent $370 less than we did in September (which was our record low for spending in years…or maybe ever).

I’ve included a snapshot of our monthly spending since December 2013 (from my Mint account):budget october spending

Key areas where we saved money:

  • Groceries: I’ve been keeping up with shopping our pantry for ingredients to make meals with, making a shopping list in advance, and sticking to the list (mostly)
  • Restaurants & Fast Food: This is a big one for us. When I come home from 24h shift in the hospital, the last thing I want to do is think about cooking. This means that my default when I’m tired has been to order pizza or Chinese. I’ve been trying to keep the fridge stocked with a couple of frozen entrees for those nights…maybe not the healthiest, but I’m sure it isn’t worse for us than all that fast food! I’ve also gotten into the routine of making lunches for the week on Sunday evening, so that I STAY AWAY from the cafeteria or fast-food restaurants at the hospital. Even though I never spend a lot at one time, a $7 lunch here and there does add up to a lot!

We also were proactive about MAKING more money this month. Mr. DG took on extra work over the weekend — he’s a Carpenter-turned-high school shop teacher, so he is doing a home reno for a friend. I went through our storage closet and sold some things on Craigslist (e.g. a few of my Halloween costumes from my bar-hopping days sold really well this month!). Plus, I applied for a few extra scholarships and bursaries through my medical school, so fingers-crossed that one of those applications will be successful. And a reimbursement we’ve been waiting on from the government finally was processed, so we were able to bank that money as well.

Overall, we were able to put $150 into savings and all the rest ($3400!!) into debt repayment. Hooray!


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