DG on a Budget!

Welcome to the first post of my budgeting series. Because I still have two years of school to complete before I start making any moola, my husband and I are living solely on his salary as a high school teacher. Thus, Mr. DG and I have recently locked down on our spending and our actively trying to embrace a more frugal lifestyle.  Unfortunately, we didn’t stick to a budget in my first 2 years of medical school (or when we were both undergrads), so we have already accumulated a fair amount of student debt. But a late start is better than not starting at all, right?

I’m hoping to post monthly updates about how we’re doing and whether we’re reaching our budgeting goals. We’ve created a budget that includes our fixed expenses, a modest amount of spending money, and some money set aside for savings and emergencies (e.g. one of our fur babies gets sick or the ol’ DG mobile breaks down). We have decided for privacy reasons not to post exact dollar values for these categories.

I’m most worried about being able to stick to the our spending money limit, as that is definitely the area that we’ve cut most drastically. Frankly, in the past, the two of us could easily spend $100 on a night out – between dinner, drinks, and cover to the local bar. And I could certainly drop that at a cute boutique, buying clothes and other things that I think I ‘need’ at the time. But the truth is, we don’t need any of the stuff in that category (except for a hair cut once in awhile) and so it made sense to start cutting things out from there first. I am also hoping we can learn to plan our meals better, so that we will hopefully spend quite a bit less on groceries.

I am optimistic that we can do it, but only time will tell! Wish us luck 🙂



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